Latino America e Dintorni

R. Dyens

1) Tango en skaï 2' 54"

A. Barrios

2) Una limosna por el
Amor de Dios 3' 20"

L. Brouwer

3) La Harpe du Guerrier 4' 24"

4) La Fuite des Amants par la
Vallèe des Èchos 4' 50"

5) Ballade de la Demoiselle
Amoureuse 5' 21"

A. Piazzolla

6) Milonga del angel
( Milonga) 4' 55"

7) Primavera Porteria (Tango) 6' 08"

A. Barrios
La Catedral

8) Preludio 2' 32"

9) Andante religioso 1' 54"

10) Allegro solenne 3' 21"

R. Dyens
Libra Sonatine

11) India 5' 33"

12) Largo 4' 00"

13) Fuoco 4' 01"

F. Tarrega

14) Recuerdos de la
Alhambra 3' 27"

This "musical itinerary" do not follow thematic line: rather, it is a succession of musical events which appear linked either by affinity or by contrast between their formal and emotional contents and meaning.

The reason of such a choice lies in the fact that too often music is forced to be englobed within a thematic, as if this were the only possible way to ensure conceptual and formal dignity. Conversely, I feel that by freeing music from the slavery of theme and subject ( which are fundamental to our word-based culture, where value is measured in terms of how far something can be reduced to verbalized concepts ), we will at last be able to talk of the contents and meanings peculiar to music, within the framework of what recent research in the cognitive psychology of music has called "musical thought".

The choice of the pieces is designed to traverse modern and contemporary guitar music of the twentieth century. The primary intention is to demonstrate the intrinsic qualities and particular characteristics of the guitar.

The majority of the pieces have been chosen because the composers were themselves guitarists like Dyens, Brouwer, Barrios. Despite not being a guitarist Villa Lobos. is included because of his deep and original knowledge of the guitar. Technical knowledge of the guitar allows full exploitation of the technical and expressive merits of the instrument in ways which would have been unthinkable at the turn of the twentieth century. Each work in this programme is within the ambit of tonal compositions but they are stretching the limits. They are in pursuit of the fullest emotional satisfaction available from the guitar.