Note di Viaggio

R. Dyens

1) Saudade n.3 6' 01"

A. Piazzolla

2) Verano PorteƱo (tango) 4' 29"

C. Domeniconi

3) Moderato 4' 00"

4) Mosso 1' 37"

5) Cantabile 4' 20"

6) Presto 4' 52"

D. Scarlatti

7) Sonata K. 322 3' 44"

8) Sonata K. 208 3' 24"

C. Domeniconi

9) Orient Express 4' 30"

L. Brouwer

10) Elogio de la danza 5' 43"

R. Dyens
Libra Sonatine

11) India 5' 37"

12) Largo 4' 06"

13) Fuoco 4' 03"

F. Kleynjans

14) Chanson 2' 17"

"Note di Viaggio" ( Travel Notes) is a collection of pieces of music which have particular significance for me. They have taught me how to listen to music and understand it, not only through my sense of hearing but through my whole body. And as I became aware of my emotions and state of mind. I slowly discovered that by listening to music I could also listen to my inner self It's as though these are notes taken in music during the journey through life.

For me, playing a piece of music in a sense means living it and becoming its voice, understanding it and becoming one with it, feeling it grow under my fingertips and in the musical thoughts it inspires, then seeing how these thoughts in turn are transformed and develop. And the more the music involves me, the better this complex process works.

While attempting to do justice to the composer and the piece, and respecting the instruclions provided by the score. I try to feel the composition and make it mine, and while playing I often have the impression that the music is expressing itself through me. As a listener, the memory I have of a certain performance is always linked to how much it involved me emotionally; as a performer, I remember the intensity of the experience and how much I succeeded in expressing through the music.

This is what I imagine a listener expects to feel, something which perhaps cannot be expressed in words, but which involves him in a new experience, transporting him into the infinite emotional depths in each one of us.

From what I have said it might seem that I am only interested in the emotional content of music, but I actually believe that the height of expression is achieved when there is a perfect balance between formal structure and emotional content. Lastly, I should mention that the CD is based on a concert programme, and so the order of the pieces is aimed at alternating pieces with different dynamics and styles to make listening more enjoyable.